Why ‘The Royalist’?

We wanted to find a name that represented our interest and we thought it high time to re-appropriate an old word for a new age.

Why should I pay a subscription?

Hear that noise of a rumbling stomach? The Royalist takes a surprising amount of work and money to keep going. Our bandwidth costs (i.e. the price it costs us to send the data to your computer when you read/watch/view each and every one of our pages/videos/pictures) are a very real drain on our resources. There’s very little free bandwidth out there, especially when we buy it by the 100Gb. Despite the best efforts of a few kind souls who have donated funds to us, we can no longer allow visitors to watch videos without a little quid-pro-quo. In exchange, we’ll give you access to much larger photographs than you’ll find on our main page, plus we aim to provide at least two new videos each week, as well as access to our growing catalogue of footage.

Yes, but I really don’t want to pay. My dog had an accident with a pair of hair-straighteners and the vet fees are astronomical. Is there any other way I can get a subscription?

Of course there is. Write something for us. It can be an opinion piece or some royal anecdote you’ve uncovered. If it’s interesting, we’ll give you a month’s access free. Plus you’ll help make the site more interesting for other visitors and you’ll see your name in lights. Unless, of course, you’d like us to publish your piece anonymously. In which case, you’ll see somebody else’s name in lights.

Why doesn’t The Royalist have the photographs I’ve seen elsewhere?

We probably don’t because we don’t (and won’t) steal them. The pictures we use are paid for.

Photo agencies don’t provide their pictures for nothing, and can ask prices often in excess of $30 (that’s a low estimate) for use of a single image on a website. We buy as many pictures as we can, which is why we encourage our readers to take out subscriptions and allow us to give the owners of the photographs their just rewards for standing out in the cold to feed our curiosity. We hope to extend our photo sources to include Getty Images in the near future.

How often do you update news at The Royalist?

We update every day (at any time of day), whenever the need arises.

Can I use the photographs on my own website?

See the answer above regarding photographs. We pay for the pictures so we ask you not to steal them.

Can I write for The Royalist?

Of course. Send your piece of flowing prose to the editor@theroyalist.net and we’ll see what we can do for you. At the moment, we’re unable to pay for the articles we accept, though we do give month-long subscriptions away for those people who are willing to write for us. We hope to pay for articles in the near future but this is dependant on our subscribers helping to support our efforts with the site.

I can’t see the video! What am I doing wrong?

You’ve probably not got Apple Quicktime installed. This is available to Mac and PC users, and is installed the easiest by having iTunes on your machine.

Do you have to really be critical of my favourite royal?

We try our very best to be even handed, giving credit where credit is due, whilst reserving the right to be critical of those things that we feel are worth criticising. We also like to stimulate a little debate and encourage everyone to leave opinions via our Comments section.

We don’t hold any person up for unjust criticism for the sake of it, nor do we try to look at everything though rose-tinted spectacles. We want our readers to know that when they see the Royalist banner at the top of the page, they’re going to find considered, interesting, and fair reporting of the royal scene.

Do you really have to be so nice about my least favourite royal?

Again, we try our best to be even handed. We’re not in the insult business. Manners, polite debate, and sensitivity are perhaps old fashioned virtues, but we still believe in them.